The Greater Good – Robert Mitchell’s 3io

The Greater Good
Recorded by Robert Mitchell's 3io. ℗ 2008 Jazz Services. Click for individual mp3s/scores.
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A mixture of originals by all members of the Robert Mitchell 3io (Tom Mason, and Richard Spaven), and some arrangements of music by Massive Attack and Galt McDermot. This was brilliantly supported by the Jazz Services Recording Scheme, and the label 33Jazz. This album won Best Jazz Album at Gilles Petersons Worldwide Awards 2009.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Koolworld , Luton 2008
Matt Collis – recording and mixing engineer
Design – Jazz Services
Produced by Akwasi Mensah
Released by 33Jazz/Jazz Services

RM – piano
Richard Spaven – Drums
Tomm Mason – double bass

Play 1. Cumulus

Play 2. A Map Of The Sky

Play 3. Dance Cadaverous

Play 4. Quantum

Play 5. Space

Play 6. Ochr

Play 7. Crystal Eyes

Play 8. Teardrop

Play 9. The Blessing

Play 10. Greater Good