The Cusp – Robert Mitchell’s Panacea

The Cusp
Recorded by Robert Mitchell's Panacea. ℗ 2010 Edition Records. Click for individual mp3s/scores.
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This is a return to Robert Mitchell’s Panacea – now in expanded form with some string playing performers. This was a foray into extended , more orchestral arrangements of another completely original set of songs. Mixed and mastered to tape (details below). Brilliantly layed down by the string players in a a single session.

Recorded at Fishfactory Studios, London – Mar-May 2010
Mixed by Dillip Harris @ Mancrush Studios May/June 2010
Mastered by Simon Murphy @ CRT, Cambs
Photos – Richard Kaby
Design – Dave Stapleton
Produced by Akwasi Mensah and Robert Mitchell
Edited by Robert Mitchell
Released by Edition Records

RM- piano, keys, glockenspiel, perc
Deborah Jordan – vocals
Tom Mason – bass and violin
Shaney Forbes – drums
Hammadi Valdez – percussion
Julian Ferraretto – violin and viola
Ben Davis – cello
HKB Finn – spoken word

Play 1. Essence

Play 2. Aura

Play 3. Mio Inamorato

Play 4. Fortunately So

Play 5. The Blessing

Play 6. The Cusp

Play 7. Lucid Dreamt

Play 8. A Map Of The Sky

Play 9. Quantum

Play 10. Flawless