The Band

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A) Inspirational groups (multi genre/non musical) :

  • Why they inspire (music, personalities, working style/ethic , sum greater than parts etc)

B) The band leader :

  • What is required , gained, lost, traded to fulfill this role (RM opinion only!)

C) Reasoning :

  • What does the ensemble represent ?
  • Why do you want to begin one?
  • Future aims?
  • Dream lineup/ Consistent personnel/ flexible membership

D) Styles of running/rehearsal :

  • Historical info from well known /lesser known bandleaders and conductors,
  • RM personal experiences (as both leader and sideman, agent , promotor )
  • the band meeting
  • democracy : Some great ensembles sharing leadership.

E) Longevity :

  • Examples of / Reasoning for some great short/long lived ensembles.
  • Extraction/development of principles from these.
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