Piano Tuition

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A) Improvisation (Jazz/Classical/Open) :

Opening up improvisational flow/control/ aims

  • in rhythm , melody, harmony, form ( via Jazz repertoire, Song ,Classical repertoire analysis )
  • personal derived strategies in these areas.

B) Jazz and Classical piano :

  • ABRSM Trinity Grades/University Entry Prep, Performance/Exam/Audition prep
  • repertoire choices
  • scales, arpeggios excercises
  • sight reading (internal recog of pitches,lengths,fingering, dynamics, phrasing, direction, tempo : checklist and timed practice) -aural tests,
  • music knowledge .

C) Technique / Single Hand Technique :

  • advice on hand shape
  • approaches to excercies/isolation
  • excercises derived from difficult phrases

D) Performance (physical + mental) prep :

  • advice on preparing mind (Inner Game, Centering etc)
  • body (relationships to sport,dance,martial arts) ,
  • spirit (message/meaning/intentions of the music/link to personal comparable experiences)
  • analysis of seating height at/distancefrom piano
  • video study/biographical info of a number of pianists of differing physical type, relaxation,
  • pre and post performance stretching regimes

E) Practice :

  • structuring your time with flexibility
  • setting+meeting aims/structuring sessions of differing lengths/with+ away from the piano
  • prioritizing weaknesses
  • performance mentality during practice,
  • judgment of results (esp self recording),
  • practice diary etc

Lessons usually include references to many of these areas, even if there is a primary focus/request.

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