This being the last show on the tour, it was a pleasure to meet Rhys Phillips beforehand to do a quick interview at Radio Cardiff.  A brilliantly run volunteer organisation, with this jazz show in particular known for its detailed reviewing of the scene.

More news here as soon as i get a broadcast date.

Amazing weather contrasted with the terrible news story coming from London 🙁

Congrats to the Sleeperz chain for having such beautifully designed hotels – and for the continued heroic work of Alistair and Brenda for putting on a good strong series at the venue for many years now.

Great to see Nicole Reilly from the PRS Foundation For Music, and added thanks for such great support to allow a tour like this to happen. Was great to play the 20th date on this project (and that long tune – Memoir – from memory – yay…).

The learning never stops – and this tour has been a joy to prepare, perform and build upon.

A huge Thanks to everyone who came, listened, chatted, got the album, and linked up.