The lunchtime piano recital has a long history, and it was great to visit and perform at a theatre on a campus that was new to me. The Mumford is  ideally suited to this format. There seems a great genre spread of music studies there,  and members of staff with a wide range of specialist interests – world, classical , improvising and electronic.  The Steinway B  piano in the theatre was quite mellow, with a big dynamic range and no super bite on its highest register. A surprisingly large stage but a very tight acoustic. A brilliant range of ages attended (from 8months to 80+!)  – and a great turnout with that. Forty five minutes was always going to fly by. Love the printed programme Hannah put together too.  Great to meet Peter Blandford from Cambridge Jazz And David Ellingham from the Jazz Co-op. Thanks to Alan Ross for the co-organising (and hope we actually meet next time!). And to Sarah Ellen-Hughes for the original  link!

An hour later i had the pleasure of doing the workshop/presentation. A superbly equipt performance area – a D piano, a huge projector screen and great hi tech lecturn! I had been able to refine the Keynote aspect of this (for those who know about the great presentation app), and had more info  that didn’t get used this time. Was great to workshop a few arranging possibilities for left hand only – on a tune I didn’t get to play in the earlier gig (The Glimpse).  Questions ranged from the use of scales (depending on genre) to the level of analysis involved today ( not much in relative terms…!) .This part of the tour has been through a lovely transformation – and today marked the last workshop on the tour.  Thanks to Dr Sue Miller thereafter for the epic chat.

Thanks again to David Ellingham and all who came the next day to take part in the workshop (tranposition 101!) at the Man On The Moon. Wonderful to hear from him about a very vibrant scene there, with venues and organisers working well together. Look forward to returning.

I dedicated the performance at the Mumford to the late great Joan Morrell – organiser of Cambridge Jazz for several decades and an amazing lady.