Having had some fantastic visits to the city previously (w. Jhelisa at the De Montfort,  and Nu Troop at the old Phoenix Arts Centre) – I was looking forward to see this new venue for the first time. The Javelin train from Canterbury – was smooth (great job – Hitachi!).  A couple of new tunes on the cards – it was good to have a decent amount of time to get to know this piano. I don’t think I had worked with the guys at Leicester Jazzhouse before, and it was a real pleasure to meet Alan and Tony. Considering the recent Easter break – there was a nice audience , and a great listening vibe came in from the cold tonight. I am really enjoying the relative rarity of a two set solo outing , and so was able to include both In Memory Of Catherine ( Howard Skempton – thanks to Ivo De Greef for the sheet music!) , and for an encore – You Don’t Know What Love Is. Thanks to all who bought copies of the Glimpse , along with the requests for sheet music ( definitely a big update at this website soon on that), and the project suggestions too!  There seem to be a never ending set of questions about the single hand repertoire – which I love. Wonderful to be put on the programme cover as well – and hope the gap is not as long until next time. It is really great that you are committed to a solo piano performance monthly.

Two days (one gig/two workshops)   in Cambridge next (I hope the snow is long gone by then!) 🙂