The Voicebox   – looked immediately like a place that deserved to have way more jazz/improv going on – a former factory conversion, now home to a number of lucky choirs.  Great to hear that it will. The format today would a solo set, and then some duo with the great musician Corey Mwamba –

Corey  is not only one of the UKs most eminent vibraphonists of any genre , and he is also getting more known as a great organiser of events in the Midlands and beyond. In this time of such rapid change – it is great to see yet more musicians creating the vibrancy needed to help scenes to remain exciting. The time of the show had changed and been made earlier – so it was straight into getting to know the room and the piano. Great to see a number of folk who I recognised from previous Derby visits. Another amazing room acoustic – complemented a very strident piano for its size.  There will be quite a bit of audio to post up later on – (they must of sold me the wrong batteries or something – these things are ever lasting!) .Great to play in duo with Corey for the first time since last year at Jazz Refreshed – and again to be acoustic. Some wonderful chats on the legends Jim Chapin , and Paul Wittgenstein. The solo set now has a number of different forms, but best of all is to feel this being dictated by an audience (thank you!).

Cheers to Beth for the copious tweeting, and all the rest of the staff for running such a cool place. Look forward to the return (shame I didn’t get to hear the choir who were working there later – this room does have a unique magic – that needs to be on a live album ). Good to see William McGiven (great photos sir – will add here as soon as i can get …), and huge thanks  to Patsy Sewell Mwamba for the lift !

Newcastle next 🙂