Just boarding at Paddington I get a tweet saying the Jazz UK mag is out.  I am on the cover for the first time, and  thank all at Jazz Services for their great work!  Then onto a cab from Chippenham.  I think the frequency of having more genuinely cool chats with cab drivers is definitely going up!  He had taken Peter Gabriel several times, and with Real World studios being just a few miles away from this venue, wish I could have had time for a tour of it! Having had a great time at Steve Winwoods place in December (see this blog), Wiltshire must be proud of the super successful musicians living in their midst..

Anyhow …amazing vegetarian food really helped my tiredness and this would be the first two set solo show on this tour, so it was a real boost.  Good to see Michael Cainen, and this fantastic space again.  Andy did a great job on the sound and was able to take his time (and add just a touch of the right frequency of reverb). This Boston grand was very special – I am awaiting details on the folk who maintain it as – the regulation was really sensitive, and although bright – it really worked for me.  They really chose that instrument well 🙂

Anyhow – it felt good to do this show as two sets, and it’s been quite a while since doing that on a solo performance (The Anvil?). I do enjoy showing the score to the Mompou – maybe it needs projecting while performing  !  Thanks to the three folk who provided sonic information that formed the basis of an improv (will definitely do it again – I could tell you we’re up for it! ). Think the solo lh maybe in open improv mood next week too.. Lets see. A couple of things that didn’t make it onto the Glimpse also deserve an outing.  Thanks to all the brilliant staff at Pound Arts for all your help. Audio from this also will appear here as soon as ..

Liverpool /Cardiff /Pontypool next ! (one workshop plus three sets at two different venues  – on one of those two days 🙂