Ah – I knew I didn’t book the trains with enough time to take account of delays…!The bus from a fantastic rehearsal at Southampton Uni to the Central rail station left me 7 mins to get the train back to London and onto Shadwell.

As someone who never gigged much in East London (growing up close by) , it was great to be heading there to play on this tour.  St George’s In The East is an amazing building  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_George_in_the_East, and full of all kinds of ancient symbolism . I had heard of the F-ire Klang Codex night a good while ago and made sure to contact Fred Thomas early on (he is the organiser and a fantastic musician). Fred and a small group including cellist Lucy Railton – would start by playing some of his arrangements of 14C French Codex music (shrouded in mystery and with no decisive authorities around to tell how this music should sound, and so open to a wide  interpretation…images of a couple of  the famous scores are in this gallery).

Most of these tour shows are acoustic, and that music it was exactly what was needed after a frantic journey. Started with an improv this time, and really enjoyed the natural ambience , and  high ceiling. Lovely to play on a vintage grand piano, with an old fashioned lid that could be partially opened to allow the music stand to be put up, but leaving all the strings covered by the rest! Can’t remember seeing that before… I recorded this set (he says –  crossing his fingers), so I will put some audio up at some point soon. Again chats on Bheki Msleku (Cycles made an appearance in the set too), lh only pno ( thanks to  some fascinating info from Lucy), and the Leftitude festival. I really enjoyed the unique atmosphere , and urge you to support F-ire Klang Codex nights in the future. More artists created nights seem to be happening everywhere – which is a great evolution. Thanks again to Fred Thomas.

Pound Arts in Corsham next !