Snow !  – left me wondering if the travel challenges would be made extra tough, right from the very start of this tour. However congrats are due to TFL for keeping all moving relatively well.

Thanks to Stephen Graham – caught this great preview on the way

Wonderful to meet Neil Quinton again and Hannah Cox, and dive into getting to know another awesome Steinway D in the Central Bar. Not long into the soundcheck – i am a accosted by several requests (all from one person) to ‘ play this tune… play more jazz… do this…’ !  And to add balance – just as i finish – another person immediately wanting to buy the new album (before any stall was set up! ) .Great to see some amazing  dance rehearsals right outside the dressing room – with such a legacy of this and skateboarding all around this building for decades…

This is the first time i have played five lh only tunes within one set, and it was a privilege to start the journey on the same class of piano – as used for the album. I did enjoy the contrasts in going between one and two hand playing – and the challenge of playing in what can be a fearsomely busy area (as i have experienced in a number of gigs there previously). The change in the listening vibe (between one or two hand tunes) was also great to experience. It all passed way too quickly – although there were a few epic chats thereafter, with the Leftitude Festival being a central matter. I hope all who asked about it can make it down! (more to announce soon!)

A huge thank you to everyone who came through this snow..(and it isnt done yet..) and in particular Jan , John and Anne from Jazz Services, Cameron, Reece, and Judith..

Really look forward to the Respond Academy – St Leonards next week (25thJan)  and the first workshop on the tour too.

(Thanks to Jazz Services for the performance photo!)